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"Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and people."
- Luke 2:52



Age-appropriate experiences are offered in art, fine motor, language, large motor, life skills, math, music, science and writing during daily free-choice periods as well as large and small group times. 

Children learn best through experimentation. For this reason, we have divided the Indoor Activity Space into interest centers. These centers provide a variety of activities from which your child may choose, giving them opportunities to make decisions while expanding their language and social abilities. Supplemental materials are introduced regularly. 



A balanced, nutritious snack is served each day. Snack preparation is a regular part of the curriculum, as cooking is a wonderful learning tool. A variety of daily activities are implemented in order to develop each child's gross (large)
and fine (small) motor skills.  

Children assist in the preparation of the snacks on a regular basis, as cooking is an excellent learning experience. Manners and independence are also learned during this time. The children set the table, pass, pour, count and serve snack items, sample a varied menu and clean up after themselves. We are very sensitive to allergies.



A Bible lesson is led before snack. This includes songs, a story and a prayer. All stories are from the Old or New Testament 

Chapel is held in the upstairs auditorium twice each month. The minister leads Bible songs, prays, and relates a Bible story to the children. On regular preschool days, the teachers lead Bible group at snack time. All stories are from the Bible. Several different children’s Bible storybooks are used.



Experience is the best teacher. Children learn to respect and get along with others through play supervised by caring, trained teachers. A positive self-esteem is heightened by making friends, learning new skills and choosing and accomplishing tasks in an unbiased, encouraging atmosphere. 

Three Basic Rules:

  1. Be Safe – “Choose to do things that will not hurt anyone or anything.”

  2. Be Kind – “Treat others as you would have them treat you.”

  3. Be Neat – “Use and store materials properly. Clean up after each activity.”

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